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Paradigm High School is unique in that it has deliberately attempted to make this challenging education accessible to all students.  We have done this by coupling it with proven tools that make learning more reachable.  Some of these tools are:

  • Mentoring:

A recent Research Brief published by Child Trends and titled, "Mentoring: A Promising Strategy for Youth Development," found that youth who participate in mentoring relationships experience a number of positive benefits. In terms of educational achievement, mentored youth have better attendance; a better chance of going on to higher education; and better attitudes towards school. In terms of health and safety, mentoring appears to help prevent substance abuse and reduce some negative youth behaviors. On the social and emotional development front, taking part in mentoring promotes positive social attitudes and relationships. Mentored youth tend to trust their parents more and communicate better with them. They also feel they get more emotional support from their friends than do youth who are not mentored.

  • Multiple Modes of Learning:

This program recognizes that people learn in different ways, and if they are taught in their preferred mode, they will progress at a faster pace, with more understanding.

  • Relevance-Based Learning:

This style of learning engages the student in discussion and hands on applications. It applies relevance to educational principles and makes learning come alive.  Also as part of our relevance based learning we offer opportunities for apprenticeships, internships, job shadowing and service opportunities. 

  • Individual Mission Program:

Unique to Paradigm, this portfolio tool is similar to an IEP, for every student.  An informal team is formed comprised of the student, his parents and a core mentor. A goal path is set in which the student takes the lead in planning for their core class, school year and ultimately experiences and planning that builds on and impacts goals for future years.Through parent feedback, student review and mentor reports, the student’s progress is easily followed and this allows for prompt alterations and feedback when needed. 

  • Small School and Class Size:

The advantages of small school and class size are well documented in many studies.  A lower student to teacher ratio creates a more personal environment to ensure that no child will slip through the cracks, and be left behind.