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"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."  Butler Yeats

    Paradigm High School is poised to become an exceptional liberal arts, charter school, building a solid foundation in the core fields of language, literature, history, math, science and the fine arts.  Using the vehicle of a classical educational approach, we study the masters and source documents of each course, and employ the proven methods of content integration, Socratic discussion, Multiple Modes of Learning and individual mentoring to build the higher-order skills of analysis, computation, comparison, and proficiency in reading, writing and speaking. 

    Parents are a vital part of the success of Paradigm High, and are involved in the education of their students.  Teachers are valued crafters of their trade; their principle duty that of inspiration. They are encouraged to model continuous learning, and to be experts in their fields of study.  Students are actively taught to harness their creativity, knowledge, wisdom and power and to apply them in positive applications to build themselves and their community.  Our vision is to become a seedbed of servant-leaders who will lead with integrity in every field they pursue.