Field Trip Driving Test

Please complete the following instructions to become eligible to participate in driving students for any school sponsored event.

Volunteers that would like to drive for any school sponsored field trip also must complete a fingerprint and background check through Jordan School District and Paradigm High School.

(instructions under Substitute/Background Check Info on Paradigm web page)

NOTE: Passenger vans carrying 11-15 passengers are prohibited for school field trips.

 Please go to the following website and complete the steps.

To start you need to:

  1. Watch the mandatory video located at the top of the right hand column titled "Driver Training Video".
  2. After you have watched the video you can click the link located also in the right hand column titled "Online Test".
  3. To take the test you will need to know your email address, the address of your supervisor (, your agency (Paradigm High School) and your employee number (student ID #)
  4. If you need to stop in the middle of the test you can do so by clicking the button on the bottom of the test that says "Save the Test and Return Later" You will be given a code you can enter when starting the test the next time.
  5. When you have completed the test you will be able to see each question with your response. You will be shown if they are correct or not.
  6. At the end of the page you will be notified if you passed or not. If you have passed you will be able to click the button to see your certificate and you can then print that web page. Your scores will be sent automatically to the email addresses you entered on the login page.
  7. If you did not pass you can click the button and take the test again immediately or you can come back and take it at a later time by entering the code your given.
  8. The passing score is 70%.
  9. If you would like to study for the test you can take notes when you are watching the video and by reading the "Utah Driver Handbook" located in the right hand column.