Here is a revised list of the changes to the dress code for this school year (PDF version with photos attached below):

1) No more vests allowed

2) Blazers will still be allowed

    (Any solid color professional, classic cut and styles, two pockets or no pockets)

3) Sweaters will still be allowed

    (Any solid color, knitted, classic cut, ONLY styles: cardigan, V-neck and Crew neck sweaters)

*4) Only the Paradigm issued coats and jackets will be allowed to be worn in the building. Students who bring other coats or jackets to school will not wear them in the building.

5) Gray is no longer a color option for pants, skirts, capris or shorts

6) Only the top button on oxford or polo shirts may be left undone

7) Undershirts may now be any solid color

8) Girl’s tights or leggings will not change the approved length of skirts

9) Belts will not be worn around shirts, only through belt loops of pants, skirts, capris and shorts

10) Girl’s headbands may now be in any color, pattern or design

 *Please note that this is not a change to our current dress code. Coats and jackets have not been allowed to be worn in the building. By offering a Paradigm Jackets we are providing options for students to wear a jacket inside the building. Also, please note that Paradigm jackets are NOT mandatory to purchase, only if your student wishes to wear a jacket in the building. Most students do not wear coats or jackets in the building and will still be able to hang them in their core mentor’s classroom throughout the day. Students may also continue to wear any coat or jacket they wish to school, just not in the building. Also, please note that Paradigm is approaching this only from a dress code, not a financial standpoint.  The school does not make any profit on the jackets; their only purpose is to provide options for the students.


Larissa Little,
Aug 28, 2013, 1:34 PM