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Exploring an additional campus and adding grades 6th – 8th in the near future:

posted Sep 24, 2010, 2:29 PM by Larissa Little

Paradigm Governing Board and Administration are exploring the addition of another campus (near our current location) and adding 6th-8th grades within the next couple of years to operate as a feeder school to the current high school program. This would allow students to go 6th – 12th grades without having to go through a lottery system as you would be guaranteed a spot year to year when advancing grade levels.

We have created a sign up section on the school website (front page – bottom left under Future Students) to gather pre-registration/interest from families and be able to calculate the demand for these grade levels from our current student body families and the community. We will determine the time-line of how fast we move to add this additional campus/grade levels based on how many registrations we get in the next few months. So spread the word and send folks to the website to sign up their student if you would like to see us serve these grade levels. More details will follow in the coming months. *There is a chance that we may be able to move quickly enough to open this new campus in time for next school year – so is important to sign up your children now so we can determine interest level.